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WEEK OF May 25th, 2015





The assignments for the week will be posted on PowerSchool.  Please keep in mind that the assignments that I post are based on my plans for the week.  Plans are subject to change, and therefore the dates that assignments are due may change.  Your child’s assignment book should be the most accurate location for assignments and due dates.  The assignments are listed ahead of time on PowerSchool so that you can get an idea of what we are doing.




MCFL00101_0000%5b1%5d School will be closed Monday, May 25th in observance of Memorial Day.  Enjoy the day!


Spring pictures were given to your child two weeks ago. Please return any photos that you do not want and return payment for those you want to keep.


MCj04325480000%5b1%5d   Congratulations to all of the students in the concert last week, I heard it was wonderful.


The DI teams head back from Tennessee this week, let’s pray for a safe trip home.


   The fall play next year is going to be Mary Poppins. Please see Happenings on the Hill for details. Permission forms for auditions and the contract must be signed and submitted to the office by this Friday, May 29th. Auditions are scheduled for after school on Thursday, June 4th.


MCj04368620000%5b1%5d  Our portfolios are scheduled for Thursday, June 4th from 1:00 pm- 5:00 pm in the Science Lab. We look forward to seeing you there! Please fill out and send in the form that will be sent home this week to let us know if you will be attending. You may also send me an email to let me know whether or not you will be atttending.

§  The Art Show will be the same day from 12:00 to 5:00 so stop by and visit your child’s artwork while you are here.


  The Faculty/Staff vs. 8th grade Volleyball game is Friday, June 5th.


Elections for Student Council officers will be in early June. The current sixth graders may run for any office except president. Students that are interested should start working on their speech and see Mrs. Craig this week. Speeches need to be given to Mrs. Craig by May 29th.


 Our Field trip to the Museum of Natural History is Friday, June 12th.  A letter will be sent home closer to the trip with details about the trip such as the itinerary, lunch, electronic devices, money, etc.


 The sixth grade will have final exams in math and language arts. The exams will cover material from the 3rd and 4th marking periods.  The exams are scheduled below:

Monday, June 1st — LA

Tuesday, June 2nd — math


Field Day will be Monday, June 15th with Tuesday as the rain date. Shirts was distributed a few weeks ago.


Please recover your child’s books with new paper bags if they are beginning to rip.  Covering the edges with duct tape seems to work well to strengthen the covers.  If you choose to use duct tape, please do not put any tape on the book only the cover.  Thank you.


  Friday, June 19th is the last day of school. June 17th, 18th and 19th will be 12:15 dismissal days.


 The parish festival is Wed. June 17th through Sun. June 21st. Check Happenings on the Hill for volunteer opportunities and pre sale tickets.


 Please check Happenings on the Hill each week for important school and class information; it can be easily accessed through the school’s website— www.icsclinton.org .


Mark your calendar:


·        June 1 and 2—6th grade finals

·        June 3—HSA Parent Meeting, 7:00 pm in MPR

·        June 4—Liturgy, 12:15 dismissal

·        June 4—Portfolios and Festival of the Arts

·        June 5—Faculty vs 8th Grade Volleyball Game

·        June 9—8th Grade Awards Dinner  6:30 pm

·        June 10—8th Grade graduation  7:00 pm

·        June 12—6th Grade Field Trip

·        June 15—6th and 7th grade Field Day

·        June 17, 18, 19—12:15 dismissal

·        June 19—Last day of school

·        June 17-21—ICC Parish Festival


Your child was given a copy of our class schedule. Click the link below to view the schedule:


Click here for SCHEDULE









Online access to textbook and resources. There is online access to the textbook and numerous resources that can be used to reinforce the material that we are studying in class.


NOTE: The book can now be accessed by two different methods; the original method and now through ConnectED. The link below has directions for accessing it by both methods. The link also contains information for ordering the textbook .


Trouble accessing the online textbook: If you are using a Mac and can see the cover of the book but cannot view the Online Student Edition of the book, follow these directions. Click on Technical Support at the bottom of the page and select “Can Only View Cover.” When the page opens titled “Online Student Edition (OSE)- Viewing PDFs on a Mac, follow the directions for the browser you are using.








          We will continue with our unit on space this week. We will continue watching the Moon and will begin discussing the Sun this week.


Homework Due Dates:  See PowerSchool for assignments

                                        Moon Phase quiz—Friday, May 29th

                                        We will be having a test on the Sun, Moon and

                                        Earth the week after exams.


Textbook website: www.red.msscience.com 

Online Book Access Code:  C1C37B0365



          We will discuss how DNA instructs the cell to make proteins through transcription and translation. We will be having a Chapter test the week after exams.


Homework Due Dates: See PowerSchool for assignments


Textbook website: www.green.msscience.com 

Online Book Access Code:  C9927901AD

Science Fair: 

§  Science Fair:




The Science Fair is over  !!!!!!!


The students did a super job on their science fair projects.  I was very proud of their effort and dedication throughout the process.  I would also like to thank the parents for being so supportive while their children were working on the projects and during the setup and removal of the projects.  I am in the process of grading the written reports and will return them as soon as possible; however it generally takes at least 30 minutes to grade each one, so they probably won’t be returned until early June.




We will be finishing up Lesson 2, Using Machines this week and begin preparing for the final exam. The exam will include weather, Ch. 18—Motion and Momentum, Ch. 19—Force and Newton’s Laws (Lesson 1 and be able to apply Newton’s Laws) and Ch. 20--Work and Simple Machines (Lessons 1 and 2 only.)  Students may bring an index cards with formulas and Newton’s Three Laws. The card must be given to me by Monday, June 1st. I will give the cards back to the students the day of the exam.


Homework Due Dates: See PowerSchool for assignments

                                        Final exam—Tuesday, June 2nd






Textbook website: www.blue.msscience.com 

Online Book Access Code:  E113A89292